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Guilt and Parenting in the Digital Age

April 16, 2014

thefeelgoodfoodieMy life is neatly compacted and compartmentalized within the plastic confines of my lap top. My business, my blogs, my musings, my social life, my thousands of Pinterest pins, my address book, my photos, my music, my recipes…all live in my laptop. It is my digital body. I would, in fact, be lost without it (or at the very least, totally screwed without it). This my friends is the reality of the digital age.

Now, we can take this reality and cringe or sneer, or throw up a little in our mouths at the thought of it; but it doesn’t make it any less of a reality. We exist physically and digitally.

When I entered into this grand journey that is parenthood over 3 years ago, I did not want this to be the reality for my child. Foolishly, I thought “oh yea, we can just pretend this whole digital age isn’t really existing around us”; but I continued to live digitally.

For well over 3 years now, I’ve carried with me an enormous amount of guilt regarding the influence of screens, computers, and televisions on my child. I felt like I was failing myself for not stopping the digital world from entering our doors. I mean, only a generation before me lived and thrived without all this digital junk; why couldn’t I?

In our home life, we are influenced by the aesthetics of Waldorf education. It’s all so lovely and warm. Yet, I just cannot commit to a “hardcore” Waldorf mindset of zero screens. It absolutely does not work for our lives.

In our home, we make an effort to limit our use of screens for entertainment; much like we limit our consumption of sugar because too much of a good thing is never a good thing.

The truth is, I love technology. I freaking love it. I love everything that Apple makes. I love wi-fi. I love Google. I love Facebook.

I thrive on technology, and I am thriving in this thing we call The Digital Age. Blogs and business ventures and networking, oh my!

Why do I love technology so much? Here’s the deal: When you spend all day, everyday, with small children you tend to feel like you are going insane. This is not true for every day, but it is true for some days (and some times A LOT of days). On the days when I feel like a total crazy person, technology rescues me. Jbird quietly watches a show, while I fall into the black hole that is Buzzfeed.

It’s not perfect or even “ideal” (whatever that means), BUT it keeps me sane; and not losing my damn mind is pretty much my version of “ideal” right now.

So the next time you feel like you are being swallowed up by technology, know that you are not alone. It’s ok to unplug and walk away. It’s also ok to come back 5 minutes later to just check one more thing.

Do what you need to do. Don’t feel guilty. Keep on doing the best you can. Have a beer while you’re at it. You’ve earned it.




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  • Reply Jessica April 17, 2014 at 6:50 am

    If it wasn’t for Facebook, I’d have zero adult interaction until 4 or 5pm…..glad lent is almost over! If it wasn’t for Netflix, I’d never get to shower, poop, cook, or have more than 5 minutes of peace. If it wasn’t for Pandora, I’d never know all the words to the wheels on the bus, or have a wealth of good worship music to listen to. If it wasn’t for Pinterest, I’d never know how to can properly, make slime, or knit a heart. I’m with Chip, I love Technology! Lol

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